January 17, 2010

Road Trip

My trip to Colorado was great!

The ride out was long, but I travel well. My family has been driving across country since I was a little one, so I am no stranger to a long drive.

The Drive

The drive was relatively uneventful; some winter weather, a lot of sleeping, reading, and watching DVDs. We did see a police chase which was kind of exciting. I had never seen that before, so that was a first.

Cool Fisherman

When we reached Colorado the temperature had dropped 40 degrees and was a snowing pretty heavily. We almost did not make it to the condo we were staying at, the roads were pretty bad. But we made it safely. The condo was lovely and had an amazing view.


Snowboarding was great. Colorado is truly a beautiful state. I loved the long runs and variety of trails. We went to three resorts: Keystone, Vail, and Breckenridge. All ski areas were incredibly beautiful and had a ton of runs. The snow was not as good as I expected and I had a bit of altitude sickness- but all and all I got some great snowboarding in and had a blast with the family.

A Picture in the Condo

After the short time we were back in the car again. I have to say I missed my sewing machine and since being home have been hard at work on some new designs and old favorites. I am just waiting on a *new* camera to take some new pics and improve some old. Exciting- stay tuned!


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