March 18, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

handmade zipper pouch

Lately it seems that all I do is take pictures. I really haven't found that sweet spot- the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, the perfect setting.

This is why there are a bunch of different styles of pictures in the shop right now-blah decisions, decisions.

One thing I have learned since opening my shop is that pictures are key and good pictures don't come easy. You have to practice, practice, practice and try a bunch of different things.

yellow handmade zipper pouch

Yesterday I did a couple of bags on a plain white background. A forum post I read recommended using white backgrounds. They make the photo look professional and are easier to photograph.

I really like how the product pops on the white and the picture turned out really nice after setting the white balance. But I do still like the cedar bench I have been using- I feel like it gives the picture more character, but it is harder to get the colors right. I just can't decide yet!

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