April 21, 2010

Spring Days

I love Spring! I have really been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.

This spring we have a crazy robin. It seems this father-to-be is really aggressive and territorial. He sees his reflection in the window and fights with it...all day.

At first it was kind of funny, but he wouldn't stop. It was getting pretty annoying and we didn't want him to hurt himself. So now all or our front windows are completely covered with sheets!

I take all of my pictures by the front window and have some new things that need to be photographed. This robin is really cramping my style! Hopefully, we can take the sheets down and I will be able to take pictures in the next few days- look for a bunch of shop updates next week (including new styles)!

1 comment:

  1. that sounds like one fiesty robin! maybe he wants his picture taken! ;)