May 6, 2010

Spring Cuts

This is my dog Sebastian. Isn't he cute? Today he got a [much needed] hair cut for the spring. He looks adorable!

Sebastian is a shih-tzu [if you were wondering] and is really big for his breed. He isn't much of a lap dog either, but prefers to be behind the couch or under my bed. He is a really good dog, very calm and low maintenance [well besides his hair, which I spend more to get cut than my own :P].

Also, today I cut a bunch of ruffle pencil pouches in some lovely spring and summer colors. They will be in the shop soon


  1. what a cutie! we grew up with a havanese puppy (similar breed), and mom still keeps his long hair trimmed down very short just like your sebastian. :) they're great dogs, these little breeds.

  2. awwwww. he is sooooo cute!!!!! ;)