June 21, 2010


It is the first day of summer!

I love summer's hot days and warm nights. Fireflies. Campfires. Dips in the pool. I love strawberry lemonade and fresh fruit salad. Ice tea. The smell of sunscreen. Bike rides.

This time of year always brings up memories of my childhood. My summers were truly charming when I was growing up. I almost feel like I grew up in the 1950's or something.

I was raised in Bozeman, MT. The town was small and you could ride your bike everywhere.

My best friend Jessi and I would spend our summer days wading in the creek and climbing trees. We would ride our bikes to the library and then over to a local park where we would lay on
the grass in the shadow of a tree and read.

We would have lunch at taco bell and then pedal over to dairy queen for ice cream. Then we would ride home through neighborhoods and cool off under the sprinklers that were spraying their cool mist on to the sidewalk.

In the evenings we would meet our friends in the neighborhood park, play games until it was dusk and then we would make our way home.

I was truly lucky to have had such a great childhood - and the memories of these perfect summer days always make smile.

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I hope this summer brings you perfect summer memories!


  1. your post brought back many childhood memories. Summer is a magical time. Thanks for sharing

  2. gorgeous post! so magical.


    xo Alison

  3. how sweet. :)
    i have lovely childhood memories as well. makes me feel so lucky!
    beautiful photographs! happy summer to you!

  4. Oh that lemonade shot - Oh that bicycle. This is such a fun post - summer here we come!

  5. I love lemonade.

    Isn't it great to take a trip down memory lane. Childhood was the best.

  6. I grew up in North Dakota so I know all about lazy summer days. What wonderful photographs!

  7. the lemonade looks simply delish!