September 13, 2010

Why Milk and Honey

A very sweet customer made me this graphic- isn't it cute! click here to check out his blog, Fashionably Plastic.

Why Milk and Honey?

I get asked this question a lot. I wanted a name that would reflect my line; soft and sweet, simple and chic. I loved the sound of it and milk and honey is simply delicious.

Milk and Honey
Did you know?

  • The perfect combination of the protein in milk and the carbohydrates in honey gives you strength and stamina
  • Milk and honey is used in the bible to describe the promise land
  • Ancient civilizations drank milk and honey for its anti-aging properties and was know as the elixir of life

Honey Dipper Print - Sprocks Art
Shea Butter Bath Bar - Bella Nouveau
Vintage Mini Milk Glasses - Riff Raff Review
Earrings - Polestar

Click Here to see my new milk and honey inspired treasury :)


  1. I adore this and it looks great! Should you ever want a new logo or anything done, please let me know! :-) XO

  2. just beautiful! i do love your shop name. it speaks volumes. :D

  3. Love it --- I think it's original and beautiful!

  4. Milk and honey is such a great name! I love all the treasures you have found. Milk glass is my favorite!

  5. The graphic is very sweet (tee-hee). Love milk and on a cozy night by the fire. ;)