November 24, 2010

Learn To Sew [daily tools:part 1]

A few months ago I shared with you the books that have helped me along in my journey to learn how to sew. Here are some tools that I use everyday and are super helpful!


1) Measuring Tape - My bread and butter. I always have this guy around my neck. Measurement is essential when sewing. My boyfriend always says the difference between a good carpenter and a bad carpenter is an 1/8 inch. Same is true for a seamstress!

Measure twice, cut once!

2) Bone Folder: You can use this tool for a lot of crafts. It helps me stick out corners and open seams that need to be pressed.

3) Sewing Gauge: This is great for small measurements and I use when marking fabric. I use this tool all the time [and always set it down somewhere I can't find it]!

4) Tailors Chalk: I use to mark all my patterns after I cut.

5)Embroidery Scissors: For a while I was just using one pair of sewing scissors. Now I keep these by my machine to cut thread. They are a lot easier to manage and are perfect to cut small slits [like when creating interior zipper pockets].

Do you sew? What tools do you use?

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  1. I do sew!

    Loved the post...and yes I always have a measuring tape hanging around my neck too!! It's funny too, I own a couple but I have a favorite old one, green in color and well worn, so it's soft and hangs just right.

    Didn't think it was possible to love a measuring tape...but I guess you can! ;-)

  2. yay!!! i wish that i could sew. i like to hand stitch things more so than trying to use the nice brother sewing maching that i have. :/

    allister bee fashion blog

  3. Yes I sew! Have been since the age of 5. I use a tape measure, embroidery needles, and lots of floss. Can't live without floss and a great pair of sharp scissors.

  4. I haven't sewn in forever but when I did the guage was indispensable for measuring hems! I mostly cross-stitch, embroider or crochet now and can't get along without my tiny pair of folding scissors!

    I also wanted to pop in to say "thanks" for your comment on my blog!!