November 1, 2010



I can not believe that it is November already!?!
Where does the time go?

I have a lot of plans for this month:
1. I have been working on some new products and want to get those in the shop
2. Set aside more time for good friends
3. Exercise! Remember this post? Unfortunately I didn't stick with my plan :( I hope this month to implement a regular work out routine [and stick with it!!]
4. Another giveaway :)
5. List something new everyday
6. Tutorials!
7. Make a cheesecake
8. See Harry Potter yay!
9. Start Christmas shopping [so I can for once be done my shopping before Christmas eve]
10. Add gift sets and gift certificates to the shop

What do you have planned for this month?


  1. I woke up this morning thinking the same thing!!

    I'm with you #'s 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 and for me planning and hosting Thanksgiving!

    It's gonna be a busy but fun month!!

  2. I definitely need to get back on #3 - I am a workout fiend, but my mom was in the hospital for 2 months and I just quit doing everything and now I can't get back in the groove.

    I already started my Christmas shopping... yay.

    My plans for this month... mostly just #3. If I can get that together I'll be happy.

  3. weee~ I'm looking forward to your cheesecake!! XD XD

  4. we have so many of the same goals!

    all i want for christmas is to clone i can actually get some of these things done.


  5. Wow, that is quite a list. Good for you that you've started to organize your thoughts. I haven't yet.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Glad you enjoyed the signs from the Rally. They made me laugh all night.

  6. April- sad to hear about your mom. I hope she is feeling better and you can settle back in to your routine :) Good for you getting some shopping done already!

  7. Kelli - I know if only we could clone ourselves! Then I could really get something done ;)

  8. such a cute blog! So glad I popped by from etsy :)

    I have been trying to list new things & am going to see Harry Potter too! I haven't yet because my sister & I see it together every year....hooray for Thanksgiving so I can finally see it!