March 1, 2011

Hello March


I am really excited to start a fresh month!

I am looking forward to...
warmer days
moving my workspace downstairs
red riding hood
planting seeds for my garden
introducing new designs
indie business 3.0 [so excited for this class!!]

What are you looking forward to this month?


  1. I am excited for many of those things too -- happy March to you!

  2. I'm looking forward to see what new things my baby will learn this month :) I wish you the most lovely beginning of March!

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  3. I am just so, so happy that it is March 1st!!
    Have a nice week! Love all the stuff you are looking forward too. I wonder what Red Riding Hood will be like??!!


  4. oh hai march! you really snuck up there.

    i'm looking forward to"
    st. patty's
    not worrying about surprise snow anymore
    more sunshine (?)


  5. Love it! My spring break is actually next week. I will love having the time off from college! It's weird to think I'm almost done with my freshmen year of college. Everything goes by so fast when you get older!