April 11, 2011

Planting & Easy Garden Markers


This weekend I finally got around to planting! Sunday was warm & sunny - yay! So I broke out my veggie seeds & watering can.


I didn't have any garden markers on hand, so I used chopsticks instead. Really quick & easy [plus they were free]! Just wrote the type veggie at the top of the stick and stuck them in the soil.


I love planting! An excuse to sit outside in the sun and play in the dirt =) This will be my third gardening year, and I am determined to make it better than my last. There is something so rewarding about eating fresh veggies you grew yourself.

Photobucket DIY easy garden markers

Are you planting this year? Any gardening tips?


  1. We're planting this year but we didn't grow any of our own starters this time because last year the cat ate them--all of our seedling tomatoes and beans!

  2. Wow, sounds like you're having a fun and enjoyable Sunday! Growing your own vegetables is a reward especially they come fresh and pesticide-free! :D

    p/s: I might be getting the 'Just For You' pillow cover! XD

  3. all of your pictures are missing. :( well - it's showing that photobucket is having some issues. that's always annoying! :(

    i will come back later tonight after work to view your cute pictures!!


  4. I know photobucket is having some serious issues =( My blog looks like one big error message - hopefully they will get it fixed soon =)
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Rachel, that is hilarious, cats are always getting into everything ;)

  5. i envy your gardeniness. i am maintaining my 50% plant murder rate.

    that said, we are hoping to plant some tall bushes along our backyard. if fences make good neighbors, what do prickly bushes make? :P

  6. will not be planting anytime this year. i'm just too lazy. hahaha

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