July 28, 2010

Garden Update

I didn't have high hopes for my garden this year. I got off to a late start but it is going pretty well, considering I do not have much of a green thumb.

I planted some watermelon and cantaloupe this year, not really expecting them to grow. Well the watermelon has done really well and practically taken over.

In addition to a monster watermelon plant, I have tomato plants, green pepper, lettuce, corn, squash, and cucumber. The cantaloupe is growing as well :)

Do you have a garden this year? How is it doing?


  1. that watermelon looks great!

    i've not had a garden since i was a little kid, and we grew everything under the sun. the best was growing our own punkins, so we could carve 'em up for Halloween.

    i have pretty much NO green thumb at all. i have 3 houseplants i've (barley) managed to not murder, and i consider that quite the success (despite the 2 other ones that died by their side. collateral damage. oh well.)

    ps - it took me a second but, you changed your blog layout didn't you? looks nice! :D

  2. cute little garden you have!
    our new place has room for a garden + the first thing i thought of planting is watermelon {will have to wait for summer i guess}! i don't have a green thumb either. . .
    thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  3. Your garden looks might impressive! We've just pulled out the last of our Autumn veggie patch and are about to replant it...
    There's nothing like cooking with something you've grown with a little love and care, right?!

  4. wow, they all look great! i wish we had a garden, but theres no space at our apartment complex right now. hopefully in the near-ish future we'll get our own place and have a nice little plot to plant in!