July 22, 2010

Treasured [Summer Lemonade]

1. Leather Clutch - Milloo
2.Vintage Earrings - Baltic Sea Amber
3. Poms - My Silly Bear
4. Sugar Cubes - Wicked Soaps

I had an amazing summer weekend.
The kind of weekend that life is all about.
Swimming and Stargazing.
Drinking lemonade.
Warm night air and long talks.
Lightning bugs and crickets humming in the trees.

It was then followed by a terrible Monday.
I guess you have to have the sour to taste the sweet.

Click Here to see my lemonade [and summer] inspired Treasury!


  1. I want to have that kind of day!! Beautiful treasury...I left a comment!

  2. ooh lightning bugs! i haven't seen those in ages. :( i think they might not be indigenous to these parts.
    but your treasury is just lovely. :)

  3. Lovely - yellow is just so in right now. I have to admit that I have not been a fan of yellow in the past but in the last year it has just really grown on me!

  4. what a lovely treasury... you've got great taste!!